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Processors: AMD Ryzen 9 5950X 16-Core 3.4GHz (4.9GHz Max Boost)
Graphics Cards: NVIDIA 24GB GeForce RTX 3090
Hard Drive: CORSAIR 2TB MP600 Gen4
MIDDLE - 27GN850-B
OUTER - 2 x VG27A
And a whoooole lotta Elgato light strips!
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  1. YouTube

    YouTube10 kun oldin

    Congrats on the new home and set up! 🏡

  2. kk_sissylala

    kk_sissylala14 soat oldin

    Aw!!!! Berleezy and UZnick sharing respects just feels right! 😊♥

  3. Bacon Hamburger

    Bacon Hamburger2 kun oldin

    @Beyondblue94 college*

  4. Frankie 8516

    Frankie 85162 kun oldin

    Whats berlins case tho

  5. Beyondblue94

    Beyondblue943 kun oldin

    Shiii remember collage days

  6. Strange Bangtan

    Strange Bangtan3 kun oldin

    Can u stop giving my man copyright strikes lol he made a whole song abt it

  7. ayo gunnamac

    ayo gunnamac7 soat oldin

    I’m so happy for this man I watched him grow so much

  8. ClawTR

    ClawTR8 soat oldin

    Guys I’m new and just subbed. Where do I start? It just seems like too many to choose from

  9. Christina Cover

    Christina Cover8 soat oldin

    CONGRATULATIONS Berlin!!!! Inspring!

  10. jmotes6

    jmotes613 soat oldin

    Yo nice setup tho what type of monitors you got what's that brand

  11. CD Ben

    CD Ben14 soat oldin

    EEZY ANGLE euuugghh

  12. Strawberry A.G

    Strawberry A.G14 soat oldin

    It looks bae❤️

  13. Kamala Nenavath

    Kamala Nenavath16 soat oldin

    Nice post

  14. Luis Tobon

    Luis Tobon16 soat oldin

    Eezygreen art

  15. festus ewere

    festus ewere17 soat oldin

    Good one

  16. Certified Commenter

    Certified Commenter18 soat oldin


  17. LUCIDXK3YS _

    LUCIDXK3YS _22 soat oldin

    Green screen dome

  18. Super Nova

    Super NovaKun oldin

    Berleezy legendaryyyyy

  19. Fooni

    FooniKun oldin

    Green Screen...Sector? ...Section? ...Division? idk

  20. Kyondree

    KyondreeKun oldin

    Call it....The G Spot

  21. Black Senpai

    Black SenpaiKun oldin

    Bro just call the green screen G.S.C

  22. OSplash Clan

    OSplash ClanKun oldin


  23. Neo LazaruΣ

    Neo LazaruΣKun oldin

    Happy to see you winning! #eezygang

  24. XxHunterXVizardxX

    XxHunterXVizardxX2 kun oldin

    UZnick even acknowledging this man. Long time ago i had a dream i was kicking with someone that look like him and someone that look like pg and it was colored like that room and we were sipping that drank drank. Then i woke up and headed to work lol This man made it not alot of people go make it it happen But the ones that do. You gotta respect that mixture of commitment/accomplishments He looking more and more like that portrait ✊🏾

  25. Juan Nicolas

    Juan Nicolas2 kun oldin

    yes ...

  26. VEX 21

    VEX 212 kun oldin

    Speakezzy 👀

  27. Sun Blieths

    Sun Blieths2 kun oldin

    Get him to 2 mill by the end of this.

  28. Sun Blieths

    Sun Blieths2 kun oldin

    I love to see this man win bruh.

  29. HuNgRy GaM3r

    HuNgRy GaM3r2 kun oldin

    Damn, I remember watching this guy in HS roasting tf outta cartoon characters LMAOOO to dressing as a roach to creating a gaming channel to streaming and now here he is with a nice new crib. You truly love to see it. You truly deserve it fr, watching you for so long and seeing the growth has such a nice feeling to it. Hope you achieve more success in the near future and beyond.

  30. Richard Bernard

    Richard Bernard2 kun oldin

    Hey bro I’m not a day one but I’ve def seen your videos from the start and to see where you are now it’s inspiring, I’m older but just started streaming myself I hope to bring that energy like you do constantly bro. CONGRATULATIONS ON THE PAD SHIT IS SICK !

  31. yvng waves

    yvng waves2 kun oldin

    Remember when berleezy was grinding in the garage

  32. Charvez Russell

    Charvez Russell2 kun oldin

    The Green Screen Corner = The GSC

  33. SAM R.

    SAM R.3 kun oldin

    im so happy for you my man

  34. TyeDaShoota

    TyeDaShoota3 kun oldin



    XAGAMENATEX3 kun oldin


  36. Bigbanknat

    Bigbanknat3 kun oldin

    No cap I need the name of instrumental at the beginning of the vid that was some heat a long way from the Danny phantom vid I seen

  37. Daniel Ashkar

    Daniel Ashkar3 kun oldin

    it's so cool to see that he went from making skits and vids from his garage to this. much love berlin

  38. Shahbaz ahmed

    Shahbaz ahmed3 kun oldin

    Hi good morning

  39. unseen player

    unseen player3 kun oldin

    Yoo I rememebr that art,he showed it in video 3 to 4 years ago,yooo is BACK IN HIS ROOM NOWWW!!!

  40. soef

    soef3 kun oldin

    1st Gaming Video: “I really hope this channel succeeds man” Beautiful how far he came.

  41. soef

    soef3 kun oldin

    wait pause

  42. luxury

    luxury3 kun oldin

    green screen beem

  43. Daes

    Daes3 kun oldin

    Aye the man rico and berleezy came back now I just need cory and it'll be complete

  44. Larry Walker

    Larry Walker3 kun oldin

    i like that you and your friends pieced it together yourselves , thats pretty cool .

  45. RoseyDoesRobloxTM

    RoseyDoesRobloxTM3 kun oldin

    Is good to see you be this big Berleezy, Don't forget to humble yourself and don't forget who you are and where, i watched from your cartoon roast and i occasionally watch some of your video game content to chill, kept it real, also, DIPS ON THE EEZYCOUCH!! 🛌

  46. Killa Cam Witdabam

    Killa Cam Witdabam3 kun oldin

    The Og 💯❤️ you deserve everything you’ve achieved. You’ve grinded for years and have is nothing but consistency and good content blessings to you

  47. Taelor Meeks

    Taelor Meeks3 kun oldin

    Yeahhhhhh berlinnn🖤💯

  48. Dino -_-

    Dino -_-3 kun oldin

    Smoking that long(kong) pack love you bru

  49. Franky JC

    Franky JC4 kun oldin


  50. Sam Sam

    Sam Sam4 kun oldin

    I’m happy for this guy. He went from roasting cartoons, to playing games, to now having his own office, Congrats man.

  51. KaptainKarma

    KaptainKarma4 kun oldin

    This man so inspiring, boutta make me cry

  52. David Miller II

    David Miller II4 kun oldin

    man I remember the exposed videos with the 3DS video quality in your garage bruh...time flies. congrats bruh fr!!

  53. Big_ Bo

    Big_ Bo4 kun oldin

    I been waiting on Berlin for so long and didn’t even know he came back but I’m glad

  54. Juderz Gaming

    Juderz Gaming4 kun oldin

    Who Crib who dis 💯 Berlin is just improving

  55. Riana Đenise

    Riana Đenise4 kun oldin


  56. Jalen Hardy

    Jalen Hardy4 kun oldin

    came a long way from the garage❤️🙏

  57. d2m qdog

    d2m qdog4 kun oldin


  58. zek3_

    zek3_4 kun oldin

    Nice crib now undertale???

  59. Jahkari

    Jahkari4 kun oldin

    thank you for bringing back the speakeezy. i would always really look forward to those man.

  60. Lakesha Ray

    Lakesha Ray4 kun oldin

    I’m so proud like u went from the garage to this!! 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙌🙌

  61. Canzup

    Canzup4 kun oldin

    Welcome back my dude

  62. Pinkypie311

    Pinkypie3114 kun oldin

    Aye he said he’d tell a story about his old house when he moved to his new house

  63. danny boy

    danny boy4 kun oldin

    That’s a really dope set up man

  64. Eunice Kalu

    Eunice Kalu4 kun oldin

    Berlin!!!!!! We love the new space!!!!!! Everything looks amazing (even if it's not all done yet)! Much love eugh!!!!!! Stay up, King! 👑❤️

  65. Shar

    Shar4 kun oldin


  66. Shar

    Shar4 kun oldin


  67. Shar

    Shar4 kun oldin


  68. ッB3N

    ッB3N4 kun oldin


  69. ᴛʀᴇɴᴛ x

    ᴛʀᴇɴᴛ x4 kun oldin

    Bro that picture of berleezy on the wall give me flashbacks man🔥

  70. kem guest

    kem guest4 kun oldin

    Man ive missed you !!! Ive been stuck with PGs stupid face 😂

  71. Krisha Lewis

    Krisha Lewis4 kun oldin

    Ayyyy Look at Berlin with the glow up! This space is beautiful bro congrats!!!

  72. Sleepy Mar

    Sleepy Mar4 kun oldin

    EEZY GANG💪🏾🐐

  73. Shar

    Shar4 kun oldin


  74. Genesis Rosario

    Genesis Rosario4 kun oldin

    so inspiring bro frfr 🙏🏽🙏🏽

  75. VoiceOver 7

    VoiceOver 74 kun oldin

    Call it the green spot

  76. Julian Thompson

    Julian Thompson4 kun oldin

    Dude. Inspired!!!!!

  77. killer katz

    killer katz5 kun oldin


  78. Beau Crxwsxn

    Beau Crxwsxn5 kun oldin

    Berlin bro you did it foreal you really did it dawg I’m proud of you and I can’t wait too see more content bruu eughhhhhh

  79. bouytt guyt

    bouytt guyt4 kun oldin

    This dude is a fucking legend man. I've loved every bit of this man's content since the exposed videos at the beginning 🔥🔥🔥

  80. Beau Crxwsxn

    Beau Crxwsxn5 kun oldin

    Eezy green screen corner or maybe eezygang green screen corner

  81. bouytt guyt

    bouytt guyt4 kun oldin

    Man remember when he was in the garage? Yea dont eva say you cant do nothing

  82. JayGoticy

    JayGoticy5 kun oldin

    one corner of his room is better then my entire house

  83. KuraioSensei

    KuraioSensei5 kun oldin

    This WILL be me one day, im gonna get here.

  84. Aksanti Tshimang

    Aksanti Tshimang5 kun oldin

    he came a long way ... love you berlin !!!!


    DEATH IS ETERNAL5 kun oldin

    the Eezy Green Room Yuh

  86. Smoove T08

    Smoove T085 kun oldin


  87. Cedric Mayfield

    Cedric Mayfield5 kun oldin

    I’m so proud of you bro!!

  88. spamcorps

    spamcorps5 kun oldin

    it felt like an in person tour 🏃🏾‍♂️

  89. Flame Lord

    Flame Lord5 kun oldin

    O.G.G.S original green screen

  90. CelVerde

    CelVerde5 kun oldin

    the Green Screen Bean

  91. Twister

    Twister5 kun oldin

    4:40 get a 100usd Google next and plug it into the back of the TV, then go on your pc and have it stream to the TV in 4K and you will have the game playing on pc and TV at the same time bro

  92. Josyln Jones

    Josyln Jones5 kun oldin

    I'm getting very much mtv cribs vibes Berlin you came a long way 😢😢I remember when you use do cartoon roast session lmaooo. This is just telling me that if he and other major content creator can do it then I can do it I just have to put my mind to it😢😌😌

  93. Kashunda Spiller

    Kashunda Spiller5 kun oldin

    I've been watching your vids for three weeks straight...let me stop being disrespectful and sub. Matter fact take the thumbs up to because I'm all about seeing a brother win! Much love.

  94. Jesscia Scott

    Jesscia Scott5 kun oldin

    Soo proud of you, out here making moves yesss.😊💕💕

  95. ZaSu雑

    ZaSu雑5 kun oldin

    Man remember when he was in the garage? Yea dont eva say you cant do nothing

  96. D Tucker

    D Tucker5 kun oldin

    This dude is a fucking legend man. I've loved every bit of this man's content since the exposed videos at the beginning 🔥🔥🔥

  97. shadow22 ultimate

    shadow22 ultimate5 kun oldin

    THATS 🔥 0:20

  98. Grace Mangum

    Grace Mangum5 kun oldin

    Man I need to see that full friggin HGTV House Flippers special brah

  99. Tre’ Griffin

    Tre’ Griffin5 kun oldin

    You went from a cumstain on the wall of your garage to dream house

  100. Keino

    Keino5 kun oldin



    RACHEL AIMABLE5 kun oldin

    The legend has woken 😎

  102. Thirdowl

    Thirdowl5 kun oldin


  103. Thirdowl

    Thirdowl5 kun oldin

    G.S.P (Green screen Projector

  104. Woodey From The Block

    Woodey From The Block5 kun oldin

    Congratulations Berleezy bro 🥳✨🎉🎊🪅🪄

  105. Taps Marecha

    Taps Marecha5 kun oldin

    Green screen dream Eughhhhhh

  106. L i z z y W a z b i

    L i z z y W a z b i5 kun oldin

    You made it🖤🤝

  107. Migi

    Migi5 kun oldin

    You know that house is freezing

  108. WinClem

    WinClem5 kun oldin

    one day i’m gonna look back on this and say “yup this is the guy that inspired me to keep posting youtube videos”. Been with you since the beginning and I just want to say you deserve everything life has to offer :)