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  1. DEADLYOPPz-5 ꨄఌ

    DEADLYOPPz-5 ꨄఌ19 soat oldin

    The beginning tho🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. PhxntomFox

    PhxntomFox19 soat oldin

    "He did buss" bruh he never said pause

  3. Antonio Williams

    Antonio Williams19 soat oldin

    We need more undertale you also need to wear gold and the pilings won't attack you and no matter what dont ager the zombie pilings and you guys are so unable to take on the pilings brutes oh and you can trade with the pilings to by throwing gold in the faces lol

  4. The_Black_Kakashi164

    The_Black_Kakashi16419 soat oldin


  5. Gabby

    Gabby19 soat oldin

    Berlin foul for making him play North bury grove lmao

  6. xXg4m3r _ g1rLXx

    xXg4m3r _ g1rLXx19 soat oldin

    BEST MOMENTS 30:56 37:10 39:09 1:01:38 1:03:01

  7. Certified Commenter

    Certified Commenter19 soat oldin


  8. Skulk Senshu

    Skulk Senshu19 soat oldin

    The reason PG was gone so long was cuz he was training with the lin kuei

  9. Demon Slayr

    Demon Slayr19 soat oldin

    RIP Headphone users

  10. spicycrabbae

    spicycrabbae19 soat oldin

    Rico reading these comments like: :D

  11. jaelynn.

    jaelynn.19 soat oldin

    Joe's voice LMAOOOO, "I'm Frank.... THATS FRANK"

  12. DJchinua

    DJchinua19 soat oldin

    No more cheating I swear you messing up

  13. Miia ?

    Miia ?19 soat oldin

    man grunk ash lmaooo

  14. iamcamii

    iamcamii19 soat oldin

    25:13 - 25:19 😐😮😐😮😐😮😐😮 25:35 "I ain't been this new since I came out my mama"

  15. Nyla K.

    Nyla K.19 soat oldin


  16. ToruT65

    ToruT6519 soat oldin

    Music at 23:00?!

  17. Duwapkail

    Duwapkail20 soat oldin

    L decision making

  18. Black girl Niyah

    Black girl Niyah20 soat oldin

    “We gotta get up outta here”😭😭

  19. Michael Mcleod

    Michael Mcleod20 soat oldin

    berlin pointing at me for waiting 😆

  20. Jade Dragon

    Jade Dragon20 soat oldin

    26:02 Damn Berlin really jinxed all of us💀

  21. TheRealMakaveli

    TheRealMakaveli20 soat oldin

    Are we finishing undertale ??

  22. koshan lay

    koshan lay20 soat oldin

    GET IT.

  23. koshan lay

    koshan lay20 soat oldin



    COLLIN STANFORD20 soat oldin

    Me: 43:13 Rico:*cries while walkin like a stickman* Also me: cries after hixen kills berlin and does the face i did when cory stoped posting 45:57

  25. Loop?

    Loop?20 soat oldin

    Damnnnn berlin did clean af

  26. Juderz Gaming

    Juderz Gaming20 soat oldin

    PlayStation Now is goated and Crazy Taxi was my game 💯

  27. Elijah Johnson

    Elijah Johnson20 soat oldin

    Why did he quit

  28. Jelani Riley

    Jelani Riley20 soat oldin

    des got 1000 iq

  29. CuddlesCareBear

    CuddlesCareBear20 soat oldin

    Get Dontai, Rico the Giant and PG on more multiplayer horror games


    SLOWED TRXP20 soat oldin


  31. Armando Carreno

    Armando Carreno20 soat oldin

    PG sound like spongebob when he screams 🤣🤣

  32. Dahsaan Van Duyne-Webb

    Dahsaan Van Duyne-Webb20 soat oldin

    Berlin really tryna loot in cutscenes

  33. Baggy

    Baggy21 soat oldin

    Yo what's the song when he customizing?! 👀

  34. percy 123

    percy 12321 soat oldin


  35. Azumi Todoroki

    Azumi Todoroki21 soat oldin

    the start sounds like hes saying glug glug glug glug glug

  36. Vondii

    Vondii21 soat oldin

    please someone tell me the name of the anime intro he does plzzzzzzzzzzz

  37. Lenz Vital

    Lenz Vital21 soat oldin

    “Survival of the fittess” lmao

  38. James Ashun

    James Ashun21 soat oldin

    “She out here givin head for meds” 😂😂😂😂😂 this nigga Berlin bruh

  39. Mariyah Skinner

    Mariyah Skinner21 soat oldin


  40. A Dude Named Phoenix

    A Dude Named Phoenix21 soat oldin

    When I saw Quincy I was crying of laughter and shock, but mostly laughter.

  41. giorno giobama

    giorno giobama21 soat oldin

    i like how this mans berlin can still roast the hell out of a game for scaring him WHAT ABOUT CARTOONS, YOU GAVE UP THAT LIFE SO WE ON VIDEO GAMES NOW?!?!?!?!?

  42. Juderz Gaming

    Juderz Gaming22 soat oldin

    3:36 Berleezy u gotta chill 😭

  43. Christopher Allen

    Christopher Allen22 soat oldin

    What happened to ITSREAL85?

  44. Young Mula

    Young Mula22 soat oldin

    Nekomaru should have punched the cannon with his fist as it went off, sending Monokuma flying but also losing his arm in the process, and then he goes delirious and starts talking about giving Akane one last massage before he passes, but he can't because his arm is literally pulverised, then he collapses and the blood seeps into the sand, marking his final resting place.

  45. vQualified

    vQualified22 soat oldin

    At 46:20 Berlin knew he was in the wrong 😂😂

  46. CJ Nooroa

    CJ Nooroa22 soat oldin

    man I wish Jack was playing


    SHIFTY ZEXTY22 soat oldin

    14:51 MADE ME FLOP 🤣🤣🤣

  48. BlasterBlaze4

    BlasterBlaze422 soat oldin

    4:27 you killed Lee smh

  49. Ezekiel Ben Israel

    Ezekiel Ben Israel22 soat oldin


  50. Honin Akecheta

    Honin Akecheta22 soat oldin

    Fun fact: The anatomical statue that attacks you is Kizami's corpse, he was killed, directed and turned into that

  51. chelsea massamba

    chelsea massamba22 soat oldin

    Wow 1:02:42

  52. Mister Destorted

    Mister Destorted22 soat oldin

    Thats not you its clearly ME you know the hat and everything!

  53. Hunt man Da real man

    Hunt man Da real man23 soat oldin

    I love the hat and action figures send me one please BANDAI NAMCO!!!!!!

  54. Hunt man Da real man

    Hunt man Da real man23 soat oldin

    I beat both four times I’m in the middle of betting the second one again

  55. lil roach

    lil roach23 soat oldin

    berlin i’m sorry but quincy is a L

  56. LUCIDXK3YS _

    LUCIDXK3YS _23 soat oldin

    Green screen dome

  57. danny solano

    danny solano23 soat oldin

    why berleezy the only youtuber that didn’t stop to watch the 5 men fall off the building??lolol

  58. I Xen

    I Xen23 soat oldin

    lmaooo 50:12 pass that its so funny

  59. Mildred Pigg

    Mildred Pigg23 soat oldin


  60. Angelina Genus

    Angelina GenusKun oldin

    I know u wont heart my comment but i sub to the speak eezy channel :D

  61. Veronica Galloway

    Veronica GallowayKun oldin

    Are you going to do the secrets

  62. ella. bubbles

    ella. bubblesKun oldin

    Hand should have been named glizzy grabber 😩😩😩😩😩

  63. Eugene Edwards

    Eugene EdwardsKun oldin

    Mm delicious Mm delicious Mm delicious Mm delicious Mm delicious Mm delicious ... thank you🥰 Mm delicious Mm delicious

  64. ravenwolf_x

    ravenwolf_xKun oldin

    bruh i need the song that is playing its too funny

  65. NaesukieGames

    NaesukieGamesKun oldin

    I just love how they move their heads around when talking 😂😂😂😂😂

  66. _rouge_

    _rouge_Kun oldin

    This game had NO RIGHT to end it like that,, got a mf sobbing

  67. Super Nova

    Super NovaKun oldin

    Berleezy legendaryyyyy

  68. Ezekiel Ben Israel

    Ezekiel Ben IsraelKun oldin


  69. Najari Barber

    Najari BarberKun oldin

    We need more of this berleezy this is funny as hell and it was lit 🔥😂

  70. Vex Godly

    Vex GodlyKun oldin

    I wonder how he felt when he heard theres going to be a book

  71. Souljaharmony

    SouljaharmonyKun oldin

    3am watching this shit and my bedroom door slams open and I feel my soul leave my body. Fuck these cats man smh

  72. It's Tamerah

    It's TamerahKun oldin

    The Editing Is Nice It Probably Took 2 Days

  73. Purbhoo Sandra

    Purbhoo SandraKun oldin

    How's that you

  74. Vex Godly

    Vex GodlyKun oldin

    Why you have to say it like that "nah I dont want a girlfriend I wanna connect I wanna feel you" like come on

  75. Xochitl Nunez

    Xochitl NunezKun oldin

    25:21 the way he just walks away lmao

  76. TheJuicmanIsBak

    TheJuicmanIsBakKun oldin

    Dylan killed that one impostor win. Shifted that blame hella smooth lol

  77. fffforever

    fffforeverKun oldin

    Owen does look exactly like her dad

  78. Daes

    DaesKun oldin

    This was very entertaining wtf😂

  79. FLiTE.x_

    FLiTE.x_Kun oldin

    9:00 that scared the shit out of me 💀

  80. DopeBlood

    DopeBloodKun oldin

    Smh turn on keep inventory for Berlin he just to bad at the game 🤦🏿‍♂️